Friday, June 09, 2006

Cuaca cerah

Cuaca sekarang ni kembali cerah. Langit kelihatan biru dan tiada lagi tompok-tompok awan seperti kebisaan. Hari ni suhu suju mencatat sehingga 22 darjah celcius. Mengikut ramalan cuaca akan terus cerah. Maka bermula lah semula manusia-manusia yang dahagakan cahaya matahari berjemur di tengah panas. Mengikut calendar rasmi summer akan bermula 21 Jun ini. Bersesuaian dengan musim piala dunia yang akan bermula beberapa jam lagi, ianya dijangka akan menjanjikan satu perlawanan yang menarik. Masing-masing menunggu perlawanan pembukaan Germany-Costa Rica. Di Bandar Bremen ini sendiri di pasang 2 big screen.


Syikin said...

wah..musim jemur menjemur diri dah datang..
tapi panasnya tu sama tak mcm panas kita kat malaysia ni?

KAMATO said...

berjemur ni memang bermusim, cuma kekadang sakit mata gak tenguk...panas....beza sikit dgn malaysia

ontahsapo said...

kirim jersi ivory coast sehelai...nanti gua bayar....

KAMATO said...

ontahsapo, nanti saya tenguk

blackpurple said...

Musim tak cukup tidur..........!

zino said...

kenakan spek itam kalau sakit mata tu hehe tak pi tengok bola ke nanti.. at least pembukaan sat lagi .. mesti meriah tu..

Izhal said...

wah syok la Kamato...bolehlah basuh kereta... sini asyi mendung, tapi cuaca dah lebih 22 hari2... malam2 naik basikal pun bleh t shirt je...

KAMATO said...

BP, tidur depan tv, t-shirt yg kau nak tu... ada ni

zino, tak da tiket la, tahun lepas lagi dah jual... nampak gaya tenguk depan tv la, macam jugak kat mesia

izhal, hu hu malam2 dah boleh keluar pakai

Shami said...

Best nyer dok kat negara orang ni, buleh rasa macam2 musim...

reek said...

It is no wonder that there is a crisis in our higher education. It is time the government has an outside independent, maybe even foreign party make an assessment.

If you don't know how bad the problem is, there is no way you can fix it. I think the problem is very very severe. I think the problem is so bad that the government find it politically sensitive to reveal it, which is why the independent report want to see, is being made an official secret.

Seriously we may actually be lucky to have only 60000 unemployed graduates. In the real meritocracy world, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands.

Having said that, the Malaysia dilemma does not only stem from the fallacy of NEP but also, it seems, the apparent blissful ignorance that we have incorporated into our working culture.

We have to admit that in Malaysia we have bad corporate culture. As such places like university do work without any solid consultation and model. We remain 'deaf' to many issues. This leaks into our daily life as well.

Just look at the banks, the police force, the schools. It is safe to say that nobody really cares about their work in the way they should. It is apparent that people take up jobs and not careers. There is no pride whatsoever in doing anything.

Bad corporate culture! One word: Ignorance.

This simply, is a direct reflection and symptomatic of the fact that Malaysians lives are, from all angles, in danger.

Power abuse, potentially high inflationary pressures blowouts, poor international relations, personal safety and national security, low educational standards, institutionalised corruption, government-linked companies scandals, financial bailouts, being overrun by uncontrolled illegal immigrants………..and so-on-and-so-forth.

This administration, unfortunately inherited a very, very sick country. Even terminally ill, receiving palliative care.

End game?

The moral decay is beyond the point of no return! Judgment: Malaysia is relegating to become a fourth world country. Vision 2020 has derailed!

God is very fair. Other countries have natural disasters, we have our ruin ministers.

When are we going to wake up? China, Thailand and even Vietnam are galloping ahead and we will end up eating dust that they kick up. Well, at least we may still be better than Ghana at this day.

Look out Ghana or Nigeria! Bolehland is hotly pursuing your title of most corrupt nation. Hooray! Malaysia Boleh!

I felt sorry for the people of Bolehland.

This is the result of gross lack of planning. Projects are approved on the run for various reasons. It is already costly to build. But it will be more costly, at least 3 times more, to repair and fix. This is a wastage of taxpayers money.

No one could be held responsible and accountable. I suppose no one cares for the ordinary people as long as there is money to be made.

If this happen in some of the under developing countries in Africa, one could understand. But to Malaysia……….something is seriously wrong - we have plenty of qualified and experienced people to ensure things are done reasonably well.

I call for a formulation of a 21st century New Economic Policy when the NEP runs out of term based exclusively on socio-economic grounds favouring the poor and disabled belonging to any group of Malaysians.

As a good leader and a decent human being, one got to do what is right and fair with morality and dignity. If not, the future generations to come will live and suffer with great shame of the actions and behaviours of their leaders.

It is high time to unite all Malaysians for a good cause. Enough is enough!

coolooc said...

Ah! This is all yes no. The problem is the NEP and the preferential treatment for malays which puts them in positions of authority and power, for which they are manifestly unqualified and unsuited.

Get rid of a generation of these under qualified and under suited malays and replace them with the best brains Malaysia has - which of course must mean by a large proportion non-malays and foreigners, and all will be well.

Everyone knows that this is the solution but no one can do anything about it. That is fair enough, but what gets me pissed off is pseudo intellectuals like one who come up with stupid mainstream solutions to problems, of the gutter and sewer - which is where the NEP belongs.

Ah! It is not racist to speak the truth. Let me put it this way - on any objective analysis undertaken - you will find by the sheer reasons that Malaysian public servants were chosen with inferior grades, given inferior training and possess inferior work ethics (i.e. no competition), that many who are members of the Malaysia civil service are if not totally incompetent, clearly second rate.

Get it! You, you, you……….

This goes for army officers, doctors, lecturers, police, etc. Everyone. So you either get rid of them (of course, not as easy as I said) or be weaned off them by recruiting fairly and objective in the future, with eyes on nothing but sheer merit. And there will be some malays in this list as well, but certainly not the 98% who now occupy the public sector.

You are a proper zero (not a hero as you'd like to think) if you can't see that and jump on your high horse. LOL!

It is not true that Chinese and Indians have not been interested. They always have but they know that in the off chance that they are selected the shit they would get, when malays will get promoted and they will remain chief inspectors and majors until retirement.

Really stupid malays will be promoted to higher ranks. Why work for such shit organisations in which promotion is based on race and religion but not ability and performance!

In my experience (I have uncles in police and have lived barracks as well) in every recruitment drive, I have seen there were always loads of Chinese and Indians who turn up (especially for officers position) but they would not be selected.

In the police for example, the few non-malay officer recruits will be taken in one year after the malays of the same age are taken in. Why? So that they will always have seniority.

No it is frustrating and unfair and unjust! But you don't care because you only care for your malays and so you talk like you do.

If you don't know or don't think this happens, you are a typical malay hypocrite.

By the way if you say: "Malaysia was built on the sweat of all races not on the Chinese only" - then why should you malays guys get 98% of the public cake, why? Because of your race? But that is racism and racist.

But then how can you be racist if what some one says about Islam is right. He says: "Needless to say, racism in whatever form is anathema to Islam since the religion rejects totally both the glorification and the degradation, of any individual or community based upon race or color."

But thus what about the bigoted NEP? You malays guys do glorify yourselves and degrade others continually. Can't you see that?

There you see, again back to keris and parang. It is in your blood. You can't help.

Hello, the reason why you malays cannot continue this discussion is not because I shout and shut others up, but because your position is legally, morally (law and even constitutionally, that is) and religiously (Islamic, that is) indefensible.

We all can see that as bright as the day, and so can you malays to accept requires fortitude, moral character and strength, which you guys sorely lack.

So we see the theatrics with the keris and parang. Because you malays guys are living on other people's misery and that cannot please your God and for that all of you will suffer.

And so perhaps the reason why your malay community is so ravaged by aids and divorce and drug addiction and incest and single parent, and generally immorality.

Now debate that you malays!

San said...

I seriously think malays should learn how to stand on their own feet instead of blaming non-malays for their own failure. Without the hardworking non-malays, Malaysia government won't have money to subsidy the hardly work malays.

NEP and institutional discrimination have brought negative effect to malays mindset and competitiveness.

I need to remind you; don't fool by this protectionism. Like APs, government contract, government land, government loan, government subsidy.

Tell me how many poor malays able to access to these goodies or did you get something from the list above! The grass-root malays have being cheated by the rich malays for supporting the NEP.

Only those rich malays have connection for these programs. Malaysia automobile policy has only created four APs kings vs. thousand poor malays. Wake up, your own people have cheated you not the non-malays.

Here is the following list of near bankrupt GLCs:

(They are direct GLCs or indirect GLCs via EPF, Tabung Haji or other government agency.)

(1) Bank Bumi (no longer exist)
(2) Bank Islam (looking for capital injection)
(3) IntraKota
(4) MAS
(5) ParkMay
(6) Perwaja
(7) Proton
(8) Putra LRT
(9) Renong
(10) Star LRT

It is about the wake up call for the malays. NEP will make malays as good as a 'katak dalam tempurung'.

Whatever you think may not be whatever it is. Non-malays never forbid malays to open their own business. Non-malays never ask malays to be not hardworking. I only hear non-malays complaint malays not work hard enough.

When malays choose not to work hard, please do not stop others to work hard by imposed regulation and rule such as permit or quota to stop someone to excel.

Why can't malays look beyond what is the protection? I never suggest take away all the protection; I know malays did not ready for that. But malays like you so scare to dare not even try for partial of the protection.

If this situation prolong, malays forever will live inside the protective area just like Red Indians live in their conservation.

I live in USA before, I used to work as an IT consultant. My pay was similar to the local white guys. They never treat me as a foreigner. I easily get a place for my MBA with a state scholarship. I never get discriminated even I have different skin color as them.

Yes, the income tax is high - 35%, sales tax is 7%; every time you buy anything you have to pay extra 7% for the goods; but when I call the city police regarding my car key being lock inside my car, they reach the site within 10 minutes. The best thing is the police never ask me for coffee money but some friendly advice for me to carry a spare key in my wallet.

I don't know where did one get the impression that USA is discriminate against foreigners. They know everyone in USA is foreigner. The black getting more scholarship than the white but the black don't like the book instead of drug/gun.

Protectionism will not able to broaden malays horizon. The best defend is reach out. Do not hide inside your protested area. It won't work. Learn how to reach out and proactive. Just like the fish in the river, either you being push down stream by the current or you constantly swim to stay ahead.

pang said...

This race stereotyping is actually the work of the present day government, headed by the Umno racist using race and religion as a tool to stay in power.

The native of this land a.k.a. son of the soil are the Orang Asli (Dayak, Jakun, Sakai, etc) in Peninsula and the natives (Dusun, Iban, Kadazan, etc) of Borneo. Not you malays arrogant pieces of shit!

Before the arrival of Islam into Malaya, the different races live in harmony without questioning religion or race . They may be cultural different but they accepted each other.

After independence, race was used by the Umno racist, and then formulated the NEP, which divided everyone. The Umno fascist use Islam in schools, universities and workplace to segregate, and in the name of fighting PAS.

The modus operandi of Umno has always be, divide and rule, and the devil is in the details and implementation of the religious department.

Umno is king creating diversion when they are cornered, use race and religion. Race and religion is the most explosive issues and they have used it successfully since independence.

All this is done to perpetuate their hold on political power. It is to Umno benefits to play the race card, because this is the only way to ensure their hold on to political power. And 50 long years have proven them right. The race card works well and works every time!

They have succeeded in keeping the races apart socially, and fanned animosity amongst the races with their racist and discriminatory politics.

All give politically reasoning - well here goes a correct one - malay is lazy because of Islam.

How can one pray 5 times and yet be expected to be productive? Wait for the foreigners to come and set up their factory and having to cater for Islam needs!

If malays embrace other religion then there is hope for Malaysia……….otherwise your hope is in the existence of Umno terrorist liars - don't count on them being there forever - we are factoring in Umno racist absence in our business plan!

The problem with malays is that they forget too easily. It was the Chinese, Indians and Malays who fought for the independence.

The NEP was design to help malays catch up with the Chinese and the Indians. Now looks like after 40 years, the malays are still behind and very proud of it.

Still want to receive handouts from the government! Still afraid to fight it out on fair ground with the Chinese, Indians and the other races! Fearful is the malay race!

Without the government subsidies and support - I don't know how many malay businesses will still stand? So when can we see some towering malays and who dare to refuse government help and still succeed? Grabbing other people success and call it your own success is not success but a disgrace!

Their laziness caused the nation's economy to slump and resources are wasted. They take 5 days to complete a day work. Malays always think that they are helping the other races when they are lazy. For God sake, please wake up! You are doing it for your own, not for anybody!

Majority of the nation need to be educated again. On the meaning of Malaysia.

miya said...

But of course non-malays, especially the non-malays born after 1957 will see things differently.

First of all, they did not choose to come to Malaysia, especially not with its present system of government. It is not their fault that the British, more than one hundred years ago, brought in so many Chinese and Indians, and made the Umno-malays feel insecure.

It is not their fault that many of the immigrants, with the permission of the British, toiled to be successful and that made the Umno-malays felt threatened by it. And since when did success become something you have to be punished for instead of celebrating?

It is not their fault that English is the dominant language of technology, science, diplomacy, commerce, and just about any branch of knowledge and has been entrenched in Malaysia since 1786.

They can't understand why the government is hell bent on destroying the system of government left behind by the British, a system that Singapore kept, enhanced and used to become one of the richest, most well planned, most advanced, competitive, cleanest and admired countries on earth, despite being just a rock the size of island.

They feel puzzled that the Umno-controlled government talks with a forked tongue - asking Malaysians to be united and at the same time - asking the non-malays to accept second class citizenships, and then Tun Razak own son Najib threatened to bathe a keris (dagger) with Chinese blood. To them, this is a contradiction.

Why were Chinese and Indians in the armed forces here Malaysia etc, in significant numbers before the 1970s? And there are a lot of lucrative deals in the army and police, and some are below the table and some like it that way.

"Why is that there are so few Chinese in the armed forces?"

Well, I think you know the answer why. Like so many government institutions, there was a form of ethnic cleansing in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, which saw the determined push of non-malays out in favor of increasing the number of malays both at the rank and at the leadership positions.

That is why you see a dramatic change in the complexion of the government if you compare, say the 60s and 90s. That is why non-malays avoid government institutions, not just the armed forces - it is the same with organizations like Bank Negara, EPF, etc.

Over the years, the Malaysia government institutions have evolved into very hostile environments for the non-malays.

Look at Singapore, the Chinese are in the army etc, so are the Indians and the malays. Yes there was an issue with the malay pilots. But there are significant Indians there in the civil service as an example since the Chinese are majority there.

Anyhow, onto the comments that touch on Singapore experience. Yes, making English the medium of instruction has served Singapore well. Just the other day, I was at a conference held by an MNC and employees came from all over Asia.

One of the most senior people in from the Singapore office was a malay and he was highly articulate, and obviously made it to such a high position based on his capabilities. And he is not the first Singaporean malay I met that held an important position in an MNC.

I always wondered why some Malaysian malays in some other forums say that if Malaysia adopts Singapore system, they will not survive. The Singaporean malays I met are doing just fine. Yes, many Malaysian malays hate Lee Kuan Yew and indeed Lee may have been a racist, but the Singapore system existed before him, he refined it, and people who came after him keep refining it, and it works well.

Anyway, yes it is anecdotal but nonetheless, these Singaporean malays I met are doing well. Whenever I go to Singapore, I see Singaporean malays working productively, and everyone in Singapore is virtually guaranteed a decent house.

They have access to world class education, world class government planning, world class landscaping, world class medical facilities, world class public safety, world class shopping, world class transportation, world class working environment (and due to Singapore high per capita income and strong Singapore dollar, they earn enough to afford good stuff too).

You want to know why so many Malaysians choose to be discriminated in white man's land or go south? It is not because of the NEP.

It is because our right to be Malaysians has been questioned. It is one thing to have to sacrifice for your fellow citizen. It is another thing to sacrifice for a citizen of a country where you don't even belong.

aston said...

Government forces us to learn Bahasa Melayu. Looking the fact today, what rubbish use is it? Do you speak malay in Australia? No, yes you speak malay in Indonesia, but who will go such a moron country and have his career started over there?

Bahasa Melayu sucks, I wonder why we should study this language first of all. English is always what we want it to be as the national language instead of Bahasa Melayu.

Using English as an official language is the best thing to do, not for our own good but for your own good. Due to this stupid Bahasa Melayu, it distorted our English learning improvement. If it wasn't due to this language, my English wouldn't be so slack here……….

So now those Umno morons finally see the importance of English, but limited by their narrow mind, they only change some the media language to English in the education system.

20 years after the change from malay to English, they finally relalise that Bahasa Melayu did not bring any good improvement. But still in my school years I learn malay……….damn!

Second of all, you are very narrow mind guy. Why should one in this world be patriotic to certain country and be faithful to them? World is world, everybody in this world are brothers, is it necessary to say that you belong to this region or something or so on!

For countries like Singapore and western countries, they can have double citizenships, it is not a big problem at all if one's holding so many citizenships, because they understand the meaning about this. Only Malaysians having such narrow mind would care about those things……….

Seriously, are you a Muslim? It means that your God says one has special rights than others?

Immigrants? I don't think Malaysia can achieve half what they have without the immigrants. Do you seriously think that every things Malaysia have today are the effort of malays only? Indians and Chinese never even done anything?

It seems like worshiping Allah give you a characteristic of humiliating and scolding others off, and racist claim - sons of immigrants.

If there is a $$$ God, it will be better than Allah, the one you worship.

You want to talk about descendents? Oh aren't you the immigrants from Indonesia? Whose ancestors are from Africa, who grand grand grand parents are Adam and Eve. After all we are still the same. Get it?

God damn it, after 30 years Islam teaches out bunch of people that are racist towards other groups of people? Disappointing……….

Tell yourself what can you do to the country? Do you certainly believe that people having same characteristic like you are the people who helped to develop this country?

I want your own opinion, you think this is fair? You think this is right? After learning Islamic teachings for so many years, you agree with all those racist policies and called people sons of immigrants?

Holy crap……….all the years what Malaysia have are narrow mind cunts like you, you are no different with the Umno morons.

Tell me one of these government policies is wrong. Judge it. So you think that it is ok, if we don't like it, we get lost? Yes, I choose to get lost, I don't want pay my tax to a group of Umno morons to continue their unfair policies.

Not peaceful enough? What makes the Malaysia peaceful?

Of course Malaysia can still live in peaceful situation. Isn't African countries also peaceful? As long as you stay at home. You are peaceful!

Let me tell you my perspectives. This land should belongs to no one particular race, should be multi-racial. Should run fair policies which is not one-sided. Should speak a common language - English.

Sick anyhow, this country has no relationship to me anymore. I am in Singapore now, thank God. After graduation I definitely get a Singapore PR and I will surely apply for citizenship.

Tired of people who keep avoiding the question. Vision 2020 going to be achieved by this group of morons? Keep on dreaming, don't need to reply my question.

Once I have enough money, I will move all out from this moron country. I know what you want to say: "If you don't like it, get out from the Malaysia!" That is what typical moron will say.


tim said...

It is undeniable that malays are stupid, lazy and incapable. Why don't they just humbly admit the facts and repent and learn from other races especially Chinese?

What is the point to argue here and wasting time again?

From the first onwards we were merely telling the truths. It wasn't us who think that way but their own Pak Lah as well.

All malays should go and read the newspaper, even Pak Lah is ashamed of maintaining the NEP after 34 years of implementing it and these malay baboons are still asking for it.

Even Pak Lah wanted them to compete on a level playing field.

So what does all these tell the world? It sends a very clear message that it is malays themselves who are incapable and lazy and they don't even want to admit it and make a change!

That is the biggest shame of all.

Can't you see, it is all back to square one. Year in, year out, some talk for half an hour, some one, some two. Some sing, many belt out their most recent released 'pantun'.

After all. Malays are good at that. Suggestions after suggestions, some good, some impossible to realize.

But, do you see any of these materialised? Hardly. Why, why and why???

Because the malays can never change. Never! Why?

The leaders forgot or were it they simply didn't want to admit and address that the actual disease is the malays and the remedy itself is also, the malays. They can never change. What is it about the malays?

Firstly as you all know, they are a lazy species. Since the beginning of time they have been like that. Even the encyclopedia called them as lazy people. I think those British with their accent tried to call them 'malas', and if you put 'y' in, it becomes 'malays'.

Embracing Islam make them a worse lot. Now they have a license to kill anything that gets into their way.

Malays are ungrateful lot. In reality, they just can't live or open their minds for others. When Mahathir said that they are complacent, they put him in jail. When Mahathir encouraged them to learn English language, they got angry with him, saying it is a 'bahasa penjajah'.

When other races 'maju', they got angry with them too. That was why at the end of Mahathir his regime, he said this, "I have achieved greatness as a prime minister, but I only fail in one thing, changing the malays."

Well, nothing to be surprised about anyway since Mahathir is not really a malay, and I guess that was why the malays were angry with him.

Drug abuse, hate, incest, liberal extremism (culture of miniskirts and gay marriages), murder, racism, rape, religious fanaticism, parochialism, snatch theft, spoilt-bratty behavior, tribalism, wife abuse, child abuse, all that is associated with the malay race.

To them, malay is the biggest impediment towards building a truly Malaysian nation, and should be chucked into the dustbins of history.

A genetically flawed race cannot be fixed by politically. Nature will take its course and globalization will put them out to pasture.

What have we got now?

Brain drain, economic disparity getting wider, poor education system, racial segregation, widespread corruption, inefficiency and uncompetitive on the government departments and others.

Sad. Sad. Sad. The question asked by many of my fellow Chinese is this - Why can't you just tell the malay peoples to adopt Chinese culture which is superior?

From research, this peninsular was part of the Siamese empire way before these malays from Indonesia invaded it.

Still so thick skin, don't want to go back to Indonesia!